However Hypnotherapy is not 'magic' and in order for it to be successful you, you will need to be committed to change and prepared to work alongside your hypnotherapist, to make the changes your desire a reality.

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 Hypnosis is a state of consciousness in which your logical, analytical parts of the

brain are reduced sufficiently to allow deeper levels of your subconscious mind to be

reached and utlised for your own benefit.

During hypnosis the cleint is neither fully awake nor fully conscious, the conscious

mind relaxes allowing powerful suggestions to enter in to the subconscious.  This

enables a skilled hypnotherapist to help you make the changes you want.


Most people experience a hypnotic trance like state everyday, it is very common. 

Some examples of this is when you drift off daydreaming and lose track of time,

or when you arrive somewhere in your car and your mind has been elsewhere during that time.  It is a very normal and natural experience and all of my clients have found hypnosis extremely pleasant.


What Happens During Hypnotherapy?


You will be offered a FREE initial consultation, where details of your presenting issues and a full history of your case will be discussed in order to tailor make a specific treatment plan for you.  It is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have with your therapist also. You will be given an estimate of how many sessions you will require.  Sessions are then spaced at weekly intervals, and they last approximately 60mins. During a hypnosis session you will be asked to sit comfortabl, close your eyes and listen.  It really is as simple as that!  You therapist will guide you by quietly talking to you in to a natural relaxed state.   During this process positive suggestions will be made, to help you achieve your therapy goals.


What Will it Feel Like?


Most people experience a pleasant realxed feeling, remaining mentally alert, some cleints have stated it feels something like the moment just before they fall asleep.  You will hear your therapist voice at all times, and be able to respond her if required.  There is no suddent noticeable change, hypnotherapy works rather like a dripping tap, it builds up over time and any changes you experience will be so natural you wont even notice them until they have happened.  One clients said to me "I hadnt realised anything had happened until a week after my session I realised that I hadnt bitten my nails in over 5 days" 


Will I be in Control?


Yes, at all times.  Your mind is very powerful and will not allow you to do or say anything you do not wish to.  Hypnotherapy works when you are dedicated to the results you desire.

You will remain in control at all times and will not be asked to do anything which may make you feel uncomfrtable.  It is my job to help you overcome your problems, and I want you to feel as relaxed, comfortable and positive as possible in order for these positive changes to come about