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Free Initial Consultation

   This session lasts between half and hour and an hour,  where you will meet your therapist to discuss your symptoms and find out what you want to acheive from hypnotherapy.  It is a time for both therapist and client to find out all they need to make any future treatement a success and for us to explain the various types of therapy that we can offer.  At the end of the consultation you will be advised  on how many sessions of hypnotherapy you will need, but there is no obligation for you to book anything.​​


Subsequent Sessions

      Further sessions can be booked at the initial consultation if you decide to go ahead with treatment.

Each session will last approximately an hour unless advised otherwise.

After your initial course of hypnotherapy, you will be assessed and advised whether any more sessions will be necessary.

All sessions will be held at our purpose built therapy suite providing a relaxing and secure environment​.

Session Prices
Clinical Hypnotherapy                                £55
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                £55
Hypnoanalysis                                             £55
Relaxation/De-stress                                  £50
Stop Smoking (one off double session)  £150
Counselling                                                  £55
PSTEC                                                            £55
Mindfulness                                                 £55
Deposit, Non-Attendance and Cancellation Policy
A non-refundable deposit of £25 is required art the time you book your appointment, which is a confirmation of your commitment to attend on the date agreed.  If you do not attend your appointment , or cancel later than the deadlines shown below, your deposit will not be refunded. Sometimes it is unavoidable that you need to cancel a session.  If for any reason you do need to cancel and you give me at least 24hrs notice you are entitles to a full deposit refund or rebook using the same deposit.
Cancellation with less than 24hrs notice: £25 deposit will be retained.
As you can understand it is nearly impossible to book a new client at very short notice.
Latenes: Please call ahead on 07783 458091 if you are running late.  You will then simply get the rest of your allocated booked time, unless I can accomodate a full session, depending on my other commitments on the day


Payment will still be due for the full session booked for you. 


Your deposit will be refunded to you at the conclusion of your therapy sessions, or deducted from your final session fee.


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